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Clippet News:

"Clippet News is proud to support the Kenny Report. As a media company that's trying to make politics relatable for young people, seeing the passion and academic rigour in these publications is impressive. The reports show that not only do our generation care about current affairs, but that we have viable ideas on how to make things better."

Lord Tyler, Liberal Democrat Peer:

"The Kenny Report is a formidably well argued wake up call to politicians. Many in the cosy Westminster bubble just assume that young people ignore politics. But this report shows us that politics is at the heart of the very many issues in which the next generations of voters are engaged in."

Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Justice Secretary and London Minister said:

"Kenny Imafidon's work on engaging young people in politics is absolutely critical. As politicians we must do everything in our powers to tackle voter apathy and ensure young people take part in the political process."

Jamal Edwards, Founder of SBTV said:

"I love the Kenny Reports because they are bridging the gap between young people and politics. That can only be a good thing for our society and those communities and young people who suffer most as a result of the laws produced in that uncommon house."

Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, said:

"The Kenny Report is a timely reminder about how important it is to ensure young people are taking part in our democracy. After all, decisions are made by those who show up - and with so many young people turning away from politics, it is creating real political inequality between the generations."

Michael Sani, Co-founder of Bite The Ballot said:

"Young people have written this report, for and on behalf of young people, lead by Kenny. A man that has dedicated endless hours to inspire those most marginalised and all to often disproportionally affected, to believe in better and know that through their actions change will come. Through Kenny's leadership better is what people will have and they will be pioneers because they demanded it for themselves - not waited for others to do so on their behalf."

Meet The KR3

"It Matters"

Our Focus


Our mission is to inspire tomorrows young leaders, this is why Kenny has taken a step back and opened the door for a team of over 30 young people in the involvement of producing the third report. All 24 authors of the report are under the age of 25, ranging from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, which offers a great new format and understanding to the Kenny Report.


The purpose of these reports is to raise awareness and articulate the challenges young people and disadvantaged communities are facing. This report offers solutions as well as bold and innovative recommendations as to how we can solve many of the issues in our society today. This report will help to assist any young person to gain a better understanding of why politics is important and how the issues discussed are all political and affect their lives, whether they care about them or not.

The Kenny Report 3

The Kenny Reports are a series of publications that voice the concerns of many young people across the UK. Ultimately the vision of The Kenny Reports is to inspire young people to turn their own ideas into reality and play their part in creating positive change. Kenny Report three is entitled 'Personalised Politics', it's the most innovative, thought provoking and revolutionary report produced from the Kenny Report series so far.

The Kenny Report 3 covers the following topics below:

Crime & Punishment



Employment & Enterprise





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The Reports

Kenny Reports 1, 2 & A Preview Of KR3


“How do politics and economics affect gangs and serious youth violence across the UK“.

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"Is Politics for young people?"

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"Personalised Politics"

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About Kenny Imafidon

  • kenny

Kenny Imafidon was born on May 7th 1993 in London, to Nigerian parents. He grew up in Peckham, South East London, in a single-parent environment with his mother and younger brother. He went to school at Kingsdale Foundation School where he attained 12 GCSE’s A-C‘s and was a prefect, as well as an A level student at Richmond Upon Thames College, where he studied Philosophy, Politics, Economics & History at A-Level. Throughout his childhood, he was exposed to and has experienced many of the challenges millions of young people who are a growing up in deprived communities across the country face today such as, growing up in single-parent household; living in poverty; violence; crime; lack of opportunities; drugs and alcohol abuse and educational disparity. All these experiences have helped shape his politics.

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Come "Explore" & Share

Our Team


meet the young authors of KR3


  • image_alt_text

    Leroy Logan

    Is now a retired Superintendent who has served 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service. His last operational posting was successfully co-ordinating the safety and security of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympics across the UK. He also contributed to the post Games Legacy security report to Government, before retiring in July 2013. Read More

  • image_alt_text

    Meena Bhatti

    Has over a decade of experience in central government roles spanning departments including: Work and Pensions, Cabinet Office, Treasury and Ministry of Justice. Meena has spent several years specialising in EU and international policy where she has represented the UK’s employment and social affairs interests both in the UK and EU. She recently led on a review of cross-government spending on mental health at the Treasury, and is currently a strategic finance planning adviser at the Ministry of Justice. Read More

  • viv

    Viv Ahmun

    Viv is the senior partner and architect of Coreplan, he has developed many private sector and not-for-profit companies. He has close links with those in the poorest communities whilst simultaneously adopting a strategic approach to campaigning for economic and political equity. He is a passionate and inspirational international speaker, leadership coach, social policy advisor, and social entrepreneur. Read More

  • annette

    Annette Dale Perera

    Annette was Strategic Director of Addiction and Offender Care for Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust from 2009-2014. This role included growing the portfolio from £25 to £45million and overseeing drug and alcohol treatment services for over 10,000 service users a year and offender health care in over 12 prisons. Read More

  • diahanne

    Dr Diahanne Rhiney

    Dr Diahanne Rhiney is a successful award-winning businesswoman with a proven track record in personal PR and reputation management. Her interview with the late Coretta Scott King, was a poignant reminder of the courage and inner strength one person could pass on to another together with the importance of empowering others to strive to achieve better. Read More

  • diahanne


    Motivates people to achieve their goals. Knowing that I have contributed to the success of others gives me ultimate job satisfaction. Read More

  • diahanne

    David Weaver

    David has over 15 years experience as an independent change management, organisational development and leadership consultant. His expertise lies in the area of ‘top team’ and senior management development. He regularly undertakes a range of interventions with this cadre aimed at improving both managerial and organisational effectiveness. David also works with boards on board development and governance issues and has undertaken this with organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors.. Read More

  • diahanne

    Gwenton Sloley

    Is an award-winning author and is currently a special advisor on youth violence for the Coreplan Group. He regularly advises organisations and government on best practice in some of the most serious cases. He has 10 years experience working as a specialist in the housing sector rehousing ex- offenders, and vulnerable young people and their families. During that time he has also been involved in the development of professionals in related sectors through the training he provides, and the books he has written. Read More

  • diahanne

    Lee Jasper

    Currently sitting as the chair on several leading black organisations, passionate writer and advocate for justice, political strategist, public speaker, and campaigner. As a Policy Director for the former Mayor of London for 8 years for Equalities and Policing he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Read More

  • diahanne

    Patricia Lamour

    Is the co-founder of GEEDA (Gender Education and Enterprise Development for Africa) and Director of Aspire Education Group. Patricia is a former Head teacher of an international school and GM of an independent business college in West Africa. Patricia’s insight and experience spans three decades in the fields of equality, education, youth development, women and international development. Read More

  • diahanne

    Professor David Garnett

    As a university teacher and researcher, he has written extensively on housing policy and social justice and has acted as a consultant to a number of housing organisations in the UK and overseas. His latest publication is an A-Z of Housing. Read More

  • diahanne

    Professor John Pitts

    Pitt is a Vauxhall Professor of Socio-legal Studies at the University of Bedfordshire. He has worked as a school teacher; a street and club-based youth worker; a group worker in a young offender institution and as a consultant on youth crime and youth justice to the police and youth justice and legal professionals in the UK, mainland Europe, the Russian Federation and China. He is Associate Editor of Safer Communities and Youth and Policy.. Read More



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    Kenny Report 3 Launch Event

    Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy

    Wednesday, 8 April 2015 from 18:30 to 20:30 (BST) London, United Kingdom

    Following the success of the two previous Kenny Reports, Kenny Imafidon has come back with a team of young authors ready to take on the third report. Kenny Report 3 is entitled 'Personalised Politics', it's the most innovative, thought provoking and revolutionary produced report from the Kenny report series so far. Register Free




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